Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Did you know ...

... that you can buy a 113 piece clipping collection of Kate from the Netherlands for $4 (+ shipping) on ebay?

Seller information: daanmarie (2990)
100% Positive feedback
Kate Moss fans, this is your chance to get about 113 rare worldwide items to enlarge your collection! The highest bidder will receive
  • Goodies collected from different European magazines & newspapers during the years. It comes from the countries; Holland, Germany, Austria, UK & US.
  • It's a pack of clippings which includes about 113 articles, 1 cover, pictures.
  •  Articles plucked from the magazines: Glossy, Veronica, Ditjes&Datjes,  Story, Prive, Vogue, Glamour, Seitenblicke, Grazia, VOX, US, People, and more..
Buying this clipping collection is the fastest and cheapest way of obtaining unique items to enlarge your exclusive collection…why hunt through piles upon piles of magazines at your used bookstore, when you can buy a collection with articles you’ve been waiting to get your hands on? Not to mention that it's impossible to get some European magazines & local newspapers overseas! Or are you too embraced to check all the annoying woman/gossip & girls magazines? But you don't want to miss out the articles your collection either? This is a chance you simply CAN'T miss out. 

 I have embraced and will wait by the post box with baited breath ... watch this space


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jonas' point of view

Founder of, the visual artist Zev Jonas, is interested in how we exhibit, view and mass-produce images of each other and how these often carbon copied representations become individualized by the effects of time. Jonas explored this through photographing displays of Kate Moss, captured on film as in-camera montages of layered media we are all surrounded by in public spaces.

Jonas stated: “Kate Moss is the perfect subject to explore this theme given that her image is one of the most reproduced representations, used to market and commercialize the idea of beauty and now ‘art’, in modern history. As such, I took a single advertising campaign utilizing her face and have photographed deteriorating posters of the same image around NY.”

Jonas looks towards the decay of a romantic portrayal of ourselves, finding a fascination with the distinct lack of control we have over what happens to images over time. As the human visage is constantly repeated, systemized and codified he believes that our perception is altered. Jonas’ vision regarding the presentation of these photographs was one of constant movement and change based on the speed of our interaction. As a result the momentum and urgency of the images is dictated by the pace of the viewers mouse movements. Jonas believes that if we slow down, particularly in today’s fast-paced world of constant bombardment, we will experience and see the image, the change and the impact on ourselves so much more clearly.

“We experience one face in so many different forms and shapes that we become desensitized. As a result we stop seeing the transformation to who we are, beyond the superficial layers.” Zev Jonas, 2013

More information about Jonas and his work can be seen at:

Monday, November 25, 2013

In reaction to Christie's sale

On September 25, 2013 Christie’s London, King Street sold 58 images of Kate Moss from the collection of Gert Elfering for £1.67m/$2.73m. In reaction to this sale, 58 new unique images of Kate Moss were recently uploaded by the visual artist, Zev Jonas, to an interactive site:, with more being added daily by anyone who chooses to contribute.

Sunday, November 24, 2013 has now launched

The site explores how we exhibit, view and mass-produce images of each other and how these carbon copied representations become individualized by the effects of time. It is an interactive project (the movement of your mouse will dictate the momentum and urgency of the images) and participatory.

Observe, slow down, shoot and submit.