Friday, December 27, 2013

Contributing to the delinquency of minors

After seeing kate's playboy pic, Jen Carlson of LAist wrote:
"But why did they make her look like she's reenacting an awkward scene from Secretary, or about to get a rectal exam, or like she's crawling into the mouths of one of those Tremors worms, or riding a Wile E. Coyote rocket, or like she just murdered another Bunny and crawled into her outfit... And how does Kate keep so tan in foggy London town?" (obviously,  Jen missed my illuminating 'want to make kate glow?' post! See Dec 6th fair readers) "This has Photoshop contest written all over it—feel free to think of the bunny tail as a thought bubble."

Was Jen trying to steal our thunder, or are we here at ishotkate trying to steal hers!?! Ah, great minds think alike.

Unfortunately, none of us can steal the thunder of Scneck who, in response, posted this picture in the comments section:
I say to you Scneck: "Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors!"

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A rolling photographer gathers moss

A Sunday walking in New York, stalked by kate ... she will not leave me alone:

A lot observed on a slow day, a lot shot, and a lot submitted ... keep an eye on the site ...

Friday, December 20, 2013

i started a joke

kate is apparently to be the focus (I mean, when is she not!) of a new upcoming exhibition, held in celebration of her 40th birthday in January.

Journalist - turned -"artist" Russell Marshall has selected 10 images that he believes "best encapsulate the model as one of the world's most famous faces".

 "'Celebrity' can be short-lived these days, but not so with Kate," Marshall said. "While other celebs have come and gone, Kate has stayed. Kate's not just a survivor and she's not hanging on to fame. She grows bigger, brighter and more iconic each year."

So, of course, bigger and brighter ... so what has our artist friend gone and done? Not happy with kate's skin tanning, he drew inspiration from us here at ishotkate and has announced, in all seriousness (both I am telling you truthfully and he is doing this earnestly) that "each portrait will come in 10 different colorways, available to buy at the exhibition".
FYI: A colorway is "one of several different combinations of colors in which a given pattern is printed on fabrics, wallpapers, etc."

So, officially, kate is wallpaper. Here are some examples of the "work":
I am almost too insulted to even try and manipulate these as the job has already been done ... instead I give you, with the assistance of the Bee Gees via Faith No More, I Started A Joke

If you are in London and would like to join me in protest by handing out flyers, please send me a note ... the showcase, entitled Kate Moss: 40 - A Retrospective, will be held at the appropriately (and not intentionally ironic) named London's Imitate Modern Gallery from Jan 17 until Feb 15, 2014. Observe it, shoot it, submit it. Don't slow down for this one ...

PS I couldn't resist, her is my ode to Russell Marshall:
The following images are from Marie Claire of Marshall's work (I am so honored by their efforts and contribution to ishotkatemoss that I have submitted the 2nd image on their behalf):

Sunday, December 15, 2013

arte povera moss was recently referred to by the incoming President of the American Academy in Rome as "arte povera moss". To help explain the reference, with some assistance from our good friends at wikipedia:

Arte Povera (literally poor art) is a modern art movement. The Arte Povera movement was during 1967-1972 and took place in cities throughout Italy.

The term was coined by Italian art critic German Celant and introduced in Italy during the period of upheaval at the end of the 1960s, when artists were taking a radical stance. Artists began attacking the values of established institutions of government, industry, and culture.

The exhibition Im Spazio (The Space of Thoughts), curated by Celant and held at the Galleria La Bertesca in Genoa, Italy, from Sep. through Oct. 1967, is often considered to be the official start of Arte Povera. Celant, who became one of Arte Povera's major proponents, organized two exhibitions in 1967 and 1968, followed by an influential book published by Electa in 1985 called Arte Povera Storie e protagonisti/Arte Povera. Histories and Protagonists, promoting the notion of a revolutionary art, free of convention, the power of structure, and the market place.

Although Celant attempted to encompass radical elements of the entire international scene, the term properly centered on a group of Italian artists who attacked the corporate mentality with an art of unconventional materials and style.
The most wide-ranging public collection of works from the Arte Povera movement is at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein.

Our goal here at ishotkatemoss is for it to be the new hub of the most "wide-ranging public collection of works from the new 'arte povera moss' movement"!
Observe, slow down, observe and submit!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Your ishotkatemoss anti-detox

So apparently:

Kate Moss prepared for 60th Playboy anniversary edition with detox in Turkey

So it turns out that kate undertook a four-day juice-only diet ahead of her recent playboy photoshoot:

She "prepared for the skimpy shoot by undertaking a detox program at a retreat in Turkey". A source said: 'Moss flew over a few days beforehand because she wanted to look perfect for her big moment.'
The tough regime involved drinking fruit and vegetable juices and eliminating solid food in order to rid the body of toxins. However, once the shoot was over, Moss returned to London and enjoyed a party to celebrate the playboy anniversary and made the most of being free from the strict diet.
The source told a British magazine: ''It was one hell of a party. After a turn on the dance floor, Moss was straight over to the VIP area, where the champagne was flowing."

Yet another thing about, you don't need to detox to participate ... in fact, based on wide testing of random subjects, we here at ishotkatemoss have found that if you anti-detox, the results of your ishotkatemoss submission are greatly enhanced!

Here is kate following my advice - The four day anti-detox:

                          Day 1                                 Day 2                                  Day 3                               Day 4
 Followed by an attempt at a submission to ishotkatemoss: promotes responsible drinking and shooting of kate

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Point-and-Shoot Memories

From Psychological Science: A Journal of the Association for Psychological Science
Published Dec. 5, 2013

The Influence of Taking Photos on Memory for a Museum Tour                           Linda A. Henkel

Abstract: Two studies examined whether photographing objects impacts what is remembered about them. 
 Participants were led on a guided tour of an art museum and were directed to observe some objects and to photograph others. 
Results showed a photo-taking-impairment effect: If participants took a photo of each object as a whole, they remembered fewer objects and remembered fewer details about the objects and the objects’ locations in the museum than if they instead only observed the objects and did not photograph them. 
However, when participants zoomed in to photograph a specific part of the object, their subsequent recognition and detail memory was not impaired, and, in fact, memory for features that were not zoomed in on was just as strong as memory for features that were zoomed in on. 
This finding highlights key differences between people’s memory and the camera’s “memory” and suggests that the additional attentional and cognitive processes engaged by this focused activity can eliminate the photo-taking-impairment effect. 
People ... Observe, slow down and, for today only, don't shoot kate

Monday, December 9, 2013

You can't blame a boy for trying can you?

The fact that they gave me the time of day means that I give playboy and their bunnies the thumbs up ... so to speak

From: ishotkatemoss
Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2013 10:11 PM

To:  ____________
Subject: kate moss Project

Dear __________
_________________ kindly passed on your email address as I have just recently embarked on a new project that involves kate moss, who I was happy to find out was involved with the anniversary issue for Playboy. I am not sure if there is a way to tie all of this together, but thought I would touch base.
You can see the specific project at: (we only just launched this site).  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
From: ____________
To: ishotkatemoss
Subject: RE: kate moss Project

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 10:22:37

Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure if or how I can be of help with your project. I can’t really comment on anything related to the magazine or my work here in any critical way at this point…

What did you have in mind?

Lead Editor:


Mobile: ______________
Email: _____________________


From: ishotkatemoss
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 12:27 PM
To: ____________
Subject: RE: kate moss Project

Thanks for the quick response. I am not 100% sure ... I just think that there is a fascinating opportunity ... when the project started I didn't know about the kate moss shoot with playboy, so I think it is serendipitous.

The project is an encouragement for people to interact with the images, I see it in a way as the next phase of response to the original photographs that have already been presented. As an example, it is impossible for anyone to participate in this project if they are not in fact looking at the playboy with kate moss and reacting and responding to it. So I think it would be fascinating to encourage current readers (but also to attract others - particularly artists who have a preconceived notion as to the magazine) to look afresh and create something artistic in response. I am simply presenting the platform for the recognition of the work and trying to encourage a new way of seeing as we are inundated with the images.

As an example, I have just begun asking a number of very well known photographers to respond to the project - one a week will be highlighted, probably starting in the new year. This does not necessarily have to be the playboy shoot of kate's in particular, but it could be and I could share that work with you maybe for the playboy site or a blog? Also, flipping it around where a similar initiative could be undertaken with your readers I think would be fascinating i.e. we could highlight one reader’s response to the project each week?

The whole project is collaborative and referential so I am keen to hear what others think and am completely open to feedback and ideas.

Best wishes and thanks again for the consideration
From: ____________
To: ishotkatemoss
Subject: RE: kate moss Project

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 12:43PM

I don’t think your project is something we can get involved with, but good luck with it!
Lead Editor:


Mobile: ______________
Email: _____________________

I take that as a stamp of approval from Hugh Hefner ... 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog ... actually it is just kate

"I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew it all, didn't you? Oh, it's just a harmless little bunny, isn't it? Well, it's always the same. I always tell them--"

The Killer Bunny ... it is here New York! At your news stands as we speak:

Friday, December 6, 2013

Want to make kate glow?

 "While Kate may well have been naked on the glossy pages, she was wearing one thing: a glowing tan."

It turns out that before kate recently bared all for a certain magazine she worked with a "Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert" to give her skin a camera-ready glow.

Here is the summary ...
To create the "sexy, yet luminous look",  the expert started moisturizing and exfoliating treatments a week before to make sure that kate's skin was hydrated and radiant ... blah blah blah five days prior to the shoot she used the a spray tan formula to give a head-to-toe skin finishing treatment, creating an even, bronzed base for further application ... two days before the shoot she applied a bronzing mousse to keep the skin looking "fresh and perfectly finished". Then, to add dimension and accentuate kate’s "best features", she applied an extra layer of the mousse around the inner thighs, waist, cleavage and then down her back and arms.
But wait, there's more: As a final touch, she used a gold illuminator on the lengths of the limbs to make them appear longer and leaner, plus on the d├ęcolletage to accentuate her bone structure.

'The illumination and contouring makes sure the light hits the right curves,' said expert.

Screw that, I used a camera phone and a bounced half covered flash to achieve my glow ... look how I illuminated and contoured kate!

        Before                                                       After
Have you shot kate moss too?


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How to be an Artist (and choose your kate moss image to photograph)

In the instance that while walking the streets you don't see kate (and with the new playboy hitting the stands and also a new lipstick campaign just being launched, this actually is harder than you think) then:

Step 1: Google "Kate Moss"

Step 2: Click on "Images"

Step 3:
1) Review the major categories to see if something tickles your fancy - fyi, the suggestions that Google gives us are as follows:
a. Drugs
b. Anoxeria
c. 2013
d. Kate Moss & Johnny Depp
e. Style
2) Scroll through the billions of images of her

and then

Step 4: Choose your 'favorite'

What you then do with your chosen image is up to you.

Grab your phone/camera, point and shoot. Distort kate in reality or in photoshop.

For example tilt your computer screen; angle your camera; print it and drop it in a puddle or give the image to your dog to play with for a while before shooting (kate, not your dog). My favorite fun house mirror effect is a plastic bag and a light ...

God knows we need another photo of Ms.Moss. Just make it interesting, as remember you are trying to sell absolutely nothing ... except the absurdity of our art.

Speaking of point and shoot,"here is one we prepared earlier":

                                                         Before                                           After

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Read it for the interesting articles

Today's headline:

"Kate Moss poses topless, wears sexy bunny outfit for Playboy's 60th anniversary cover"

The supermodel’s cover issue kicks off the mags yearlong diamond anniversary celebration and her interview is as naughty as her photos. ‘I don’t do boredom’ she says."

Um ... it is a fascinating interview. I was inspired by the photographs ... so much so that I had to mirror a recent submission to the site (thanks Andrea):

To prove that I actually did make an attempt to drag my eyeballs away from more KM imagery, here is my favorite quote from Ms.Moss:
"Now with Instagram and everything, everyone's so on their phones that even when I'm in a restaurant … someone will come up and ask to get a picture with me," she detailed. "I'm like, 'No!'"
If it's not her fans desiring a snapshot of the supermodel than it's the rambunctious paparazzi.
"I went to Portofino with my husband for our anniversary," she recalled. "We took a private plane from Glastonbury, and I didn't think anyone knew where we were going. We got there and what was there? F--king paps. B--tards!"

People, people. Forget Kate ... she's redundant! Photograph the photographs themselves!!!

Observe, slow down, shoot and submit.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Apparently: kate moss "to get special recognition at British fashion awards"

So, says the Guardian ... I say, who cares about the 'news'!?! Read the comments!

16 comments. Showing conversations, threads , sorted
  • andrewjackson17
    If we must have a monarchy, she should be our Queen.

  • lonelysoul72
    really?? she is as dull and vacuous as they come,and about as sexy as a dead beetle
    • HeirOfMyInvention lonelysoul72
      Do you know her personally? From what I've heard Kate is anything but 'dull and vacuous' (not that it really matters as she's not paid thousands of quid a day because of her personality).
      Plus, she's a high fashion model, not some unknown with her thumbs hooked round her pants on the cover of FHM, so there's really no need for her to pander to conventional notions of what is 'sexy'.
    • MightyMightyMan lonelysoul72
      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted.
    • chillango lonelysoul72
      I met her in an elevator at a Kensington hotel. She was polite and appeared quite normal. Can I also say that I had a beetle collection as a child. On one occassion I became aroused by a Dung Beetle.
  • Nepthsolem
    Ought Kate Moss be an icon for young women? Should young women aspire to getting their tits out for a photogrpaher as 15 year olds. Is it that great to be a clothes horse to be wanked over? Doesn't the alleged prodigous drug use militate against icon-for-the-young status?
    • Alentejo74 Nepthsolem
      Thing is, it's not really for you to say what young women "should" and should not aspire to, is it? The clue is in the words -- young women (not children).
    • HeirOfMyInvention Nepthsolem
      Or better, shouldn't we get beyond the whole notion that just because somebody is good at something - in this case modelling expensive clothes - it means they should be held up as some kind of 'icon'?
      And one thing that can be said for Moss is that she's never claimed to be anything of the sort - she rarely gives interviews, for example, and doesn't like to bore us with details of her personal life. Moss has become rich and famous for one reason and one reason only - she looks fantastic in photographs. We can admire her for that quality without holding her up as an 'icon' anymore than we should hold up a vain dullard like David Beckham as an 'icon' because he's reasonably good at kicking a ball.

    • Nepthsolem Alentejo74
      I didn't say that she shouldn't, I simply asked whether she should.
    • tetegrondona Nepthsolem
      STYLE icon, style. she's also an example because she works hard.
  • ariel3
    human perfection. but even she gets old.
  • Alarming
    She's always struck me as being like Mick Jagger - an expert in evasion and concealment.
    I guess that's how she's survived at the top for so long.
  • halpern
    Impressive that the article includes a link to pornography. Well done.
  • DrMarkCrump
    Presumably the award itself will be sculpted from toilet paper and held together via the adhesives qualities of dried vomit.

    Thank you good Guardian readers. I agree with your deep analysis. In times like this, there is only one thing for us to all do: Observe, slow down, shoot and submit.