Sunday, December 1, 2013

Apparently: kate moss "to get special recognition at British fashion awards"

So, says the Guardian ... I say, who cares about the 'news'!?! Read the comments!

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  • andrewjackson17
    If we must have a monarchy, she should be our Queen.

  • lonelysoul72
    really?? she is as dull and vacuous as they come,and about as sexy as a dead beetle
    • HeirOfMyInvention lonelysoul72
      Do you know her personally? From what I've heard Kate is anything but 'dull and vacuous' (not that it really matters as she's not paid thousands of quid a day because of her personality).
      Plus, she's a high fashion model, not some unknown with her thumbs hooked round her pants on the cover of FHM, so there's really no need for her to pander to conventional notions of what is 'sexy'.
    • MightyMightyMan lonelysoul72
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    • chillango lonelysoul72
      I met her in an elevator at a Kensington hotel. She was polite and appeared quite normal. Can I also say that I had a beetle collection as a child. On one occassion I became aroused by a Dung Beetle.
  • Nepthsolem
    Ought Kate Moss be an icon for young women? Should young women aspire to getting their tits out for a photogrpaher as 15 year olds. Is it that great to be a clothes horse to be wanked over? Doesn't the alleged prodigous drug use militate against icon-for-the-young status?
    • Alentejo74 Nepthsolem
      Thing is, it's not really for you to say what young women "should" and should not aspire to, is it? The clue is in the words -- young women (not children).
    • HeirOfMyInvention Nepthsolem
      Or better, shouldn't we get beyond the whole notion that just because somebody is good at something - in this case modelling expensive clothes - it means they should be held up as some kind of 'icon'?
      And one thing that can be said for Moss is that she's never claimed to be anything of the sort - she rarely gives interviews, for example, and doesn't like to bore us with details of her personal life. Moss has become rich and famous for one reason and one reason only - she looks fantastic in photographs. We can admire her for that quality without holding her up as an 'icon' anymore than we should hold up a vain dullard like David Beckham as an 'icon' because he's reasonably good at kicking a ball.

    • Nepthsolem Alentejo74
      I didn't say that she shouldn't, I simply asked whether she should.
    • tetegrondona Nepthsolem
      STYLE icon, style. she's also an example because she works hard.
  • ariel3
    human perfection. but even she gets old.
  • Alarming
    She's always struck me as being like Mick Jagger - an expert in evasion and concealment.
    I guess that's how she's survived at the top for so long.
  • halpern
    Impressive that the article includes a link to pornography. Well done.
  • DrMarkCrump
    Presumably the award itself will be sculpted from toilet paper and held together via the adhesives qualities of dried vomit.

    Thank you good Guardian readers. I agree with your deep analysis. In times like this, there is only one thing for us to all do: Observe, slow down, shoot and submit.

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