Friday, December 6, 2013

Want to make kate glow?

 "While Kate may well have been naked on the glossy pages, she was wearing one thing: a glowing tan."

It turns out that before kate recently bared all for a certain magazine she worked with a "Tanning & Skin Finishing Expert" to give her skin a camera-ready glow.

Here is the summary ...
To create the "sexy, yet luminous look",  the expert started moisturizing and exfoliating treatments a week before to make sure that kate's skin was hydrated and radiant ... blah blah blah five days prior to the shoot she used the a spray tan formula to give a head-to-toe skin finishing treatment, creating an even, bronzed base for further application ... two days before the shoot she applied a bronzing mousse to keep the skin looking "fresh and perfectly finished". Then, to add dimension and accentuate kate’s "best features", she applied an extra layer of the mousse around the inner thighs, waist, cleavage and then down her back and arms.
But wait, there's more: As a final touch, she used a gold illuminator on the lengths of the limbs to make them appear longer and leaner, plus on the d├ęcolletage to accentuate her bone structure.

'The illumination and contouring makes sure the light hits the right curves,' said expert.

Screw that, I used a camera phone and a bounced half covered flash to achieve my glow ... look how I illuminated and contoured kate!

        Before                                                       After
Have you shot kate moss too?


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