Tuesday, April 22, 2014

moss's egg... ishotkatemoss-on-bruceweber's-egg #22: April 22nd

The egg has gone from Del Frisco's Grille, only to (we believe) reappear at Sotheby's this evening. So there are no images to share yet for the day. 

At the closing of the online portion of the auction, Bruce Weber's egg logged 52 bids and the price stood at $14,200 in support of the Elephant Family charity!

This roving reporter will do his best to send a final dispatch, for your benefit, dear reader, so we can lay this egg (to rest).

In the meantime, and in the honor of the egg hunt, we here at ishotkatemoss.com have delved into conspiracy theorists claims that the world revolves around kate ... and have definitive proof, yet again, that this is the case!

According to Wolfram Math World: the web's most extensive mathematics resource, the term for an oval whose construction is illustrated in the following diagram is ...
... "Moss's Egg"!!!

It just so happens, that not only Bruce's egg  but that all eggs were this exact shape! Chance, we think not.
The universe has a funny way of making us ...
Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit.

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