Saturday, April 19, 2014

not in all its glory ... ishotkatemoss-on-bruceweber's-egg #19: April 19th

So, a trip or two to Rockefeller has finally paid off. The plaza, in all of its well trodden tourist splendor, is inundated with a diverse range of colorful eggs, many of which are quite spectacular (more information is at:

However, Bruce's egg of kate could not be found. After much questioning and assistance, the egg was located in a a dark indoor corner of Del Frisco's Grille, far far away from its contemporaries! 'But for why?' my dear reader's ask, given that we all at are avidly looking for said egg ... 
Well it turns out that "due to some nudity, it was determined that Bruce Weber's egg should be placed in a more controlled environment."

Kate and egg, in all crinkled and sun bleached glory, could not be seen by our impressionable youth. Given that Weber's images are from various marketing campaigns, I found this actually quite an insightful decision.

While I very much respect the hunt as an event for people young and old, this does make things a touch more difficult for image creation but we will continue our photographic journey, as committed, for the remaining days.

I am expecting that there will most likely be quite a bit of reflection (both literally and figuratively) given the journey we have been on with this egg plus due to the fact that the plexi-box is stored behind the Grille's thick window glass. 
Apart from what images can be scrounged, we will keep our eye on the auction to see how much this egg will contribute to the total raised (at the time of going to print, there have been 39 bids for this egg with the price getting to $5,700!). Quite short of Mr Jeff Koons egg - currently the leader at $420,000 - but impressive none-the-less. Bidding ends online at midday on April 22nd before the action will hot up at Sotheby's.

There are not many days left of this particular hunt so remember to: 
Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit ... to the egg.

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