Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rejection ...

... from an important and subversive photographer I greatly respect, after sending an invitation to add his voice to the www.ishotkatemoss.com collage, particularly relevant given that he used to be - in his words - part of fashion's "swirling narcissistic world":

"to give notice  whether  symbolically negative or positive is to signify…….  my comment on the property is not to.,,,,, so it is significant that i remain in the   outer banks of concern,,,

                                                                        the answer is no…."

We here at ishotkatemoss, of course, agree that this (our) "culture", as represented by kate - its apparently inextinguishable flame - requires no form of validation.

Using what is put in front of us continually in order to create a message through interpretation of her, the work of those that use her and the way we see the ever-changing representation of her and us (as participants, consumers and viewers) is the point.

By not shining a light onto it, iskm is scared that only the supposedly positive signals are sent out into our ever looking world. So while I completely respect the individual's decision to not signify, someone has to hold up the carnival house of mirrors ...
An original, unadulterated image of kate as shot by Corrine Day
Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit.

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