Friday, December 12, 2014

A supreme cult of personality

How hard do you need to try to get a submission into ishotkatemoss? We count more than 500 photos being taken in less than a minute:

Please note that the person in this video is not kate but someone apparently of great importance i.e. a celebrity who is, according to the providers of our news, a pal of kate and who "regularly parties in the same circles in London".

To be clear, it is our belief that all of the people were clamoring over themselves to get an image included in the iskm collage ... so without any further ado, and after all of that effort, here is the selected submission:

Congratulations paparazzi #3 for being chosen for your artistic efforts!

Of course paparazzi's want to Shoot.
Now, if we could just get them to SLOW DOWN and Observe something of relevance before Submitting.

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