Monday, February 9, 2015

Censorship and racks

An interesting lesson today ...

As ishotkatemoss continues our daily instagram image posts we are constantly challenged by the need to crop images square, figure out how to reach new people, identify like-minded artistic minds and continue the conversation behind enemy lines. 

In other words, we struggle with the apparent contradiction of asking people to view images in a slower and more considered approach by posting photographs on the largest image distributor, owned by Facebook, and utilized by the vast majority in a split second. Furthermore, we are now partaking in the affirmation complex of simply pressing 'like' ...

For all of the struggle however, we continue to find new collaborators for our work, and allow people who otherwise would not have learned of ishotkatemoss, the opportunity to see the collage and this blog.

So it was with great consternation and finally humor that after posting the following image and text on instagram today, we found that the post had been publicly banned:

In the lead up to Valentine's Day and the anniversary of the remarkable submission from Keren Moscovitch, we are revisiting some ishotkatemoss observed playboy pics. Let's start with magazine racks from "A rolling photographer gathers moss" #ishotkatemoss #katemoss #valentines #romantic #playboy #bunny #magazine #rack #observe #slowdown #shoot #submit

Why? Well after a great deal of experimentation (honestly, we felt like Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game), it turns out that if you use the hashtag "#rack" your post is flagged for no public distribution ...

Now anyone who has been on instagram I am sure has seen plenty of breasts, including kates! But from our minimal, non-scientific research we have found that the terms "breast", "breasts", "boob" and "knockers" are also banned, in addition to "rack" (however, just for your reference, you can legally use "bust", "chest, "bosom", "funbags", "mammary", "mammaryglands" and "bazooms"). There seems to be a reasonable amount of research on-line about this, we only looked it up for the interesting articles, we promise.
So ultimately, all we want to know from Playboy, Instagram and all who censor us is "Where will we put our magazines?"

Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit.

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