Thursday, May 28, 2015

Desire & Disgust (redux, 2015): #12

Photographer Lauren Quiroga follows a distinct path, through her Still Life and Roads projects, that is both colorful and calming.

So, as she approached kate, someone who she had little affinity for, she decided that she wanted to work around her, by collaging pieces of pictures that were on the periphery of well known images of kate.

As she developed this premise, she felt that instead of working around a notion of what kate represents, actually the interest lay in the minutiae of the idea. So she delved as deeply as she could into a portion of a portion of a portion of kate's face and found that kate's devil is, in fact, in the detail …

More of Lauren’s images can be found at

Just like the SVA students ... Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit.

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