Sunday, May 25, 2014

Appropriation and/or Doctorin' the Moss (redux)

Will it ever end? We think not. Therefore, let us observe and slow down in order to consider the "news" from, amongst many worthy sources, a recent edition of the NYPost:

Hefner sues blog over Kate Moss Playboy pictures
Hugh Hefner won’t share Kate Moss without a fight.
Playboy Enterprises International on Wednesday slapped operators of the culture blog Black Book with a copyright suit in Manhattan federal court, alleging the blog reproduced images of the supermodel without consent.
The pictures used were art of Moss’ cover spread in Playboy’s 60th-anniversary special in December. (The apparent post in question appears to have since been taken down.)
The suit says Manhattan-based blog operator McCarthy LCC’s (sic) use of the photos was for “commercial” purposes, since it posts ads on the website.
Playboy wants $150,000 for each “infringed work.”
The suit comes four months after Playboy sued publishing giant Hearst, claiming its Harper’s Bazaar website reproduced some of Moss’ photos without permission.
Reps for McCarthy LLC could not be reached for comment.

I don't know why Rich just didn't ask iskm for comment!?!
"We here at will fight to gloriously share kate with you all. Unfortunately, due to the lack of advertising $s generated by this blog, oh and all of that 'fair use' stuff, we don't like our chances of being served a summons. That being said, we would like to offer iskm's service to Alas & Piggott (the generators of the original images in question), Playboy Enterprises International, McCarthy LLC and all of the readers of the NYPost,  in order to sue Mr. Calder for misleading and deceptive conduct. Specifically, we will work on your behalf against his false claim that said source pictures are in fact 'art'." 
Dear Hugh, Playboy Enterprises International and the good people at MCCarthy LLC, 
Can't we all just get along and share? There is enough kate to go around for all of us.

 Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit.

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