Monday, January 18, 2016

Complaining about nipples?

Recently, in order to celebrate Ms.Moss' big day, @nicostandard's posted a semi-naked kate pic. Unfortunately, his ability to share the image was limited. 

After being censored he posted the following image and wrote: 
"So apparently my #katemoss #birthday picture contravened instagram's strict (read sexist) decency guidelines. I think #DonaldTrump #nipples are more #offensive. Let's see what #nannystate Instagram has to say. #instagramisforpussies #freethenipple"

In further communication with ishotkatemoss, Nico wrote that "They (instagram) took my non-trump picture down as it was offensive apparently. How are female nipples more offensive than male nipples? Pretty sexist and out of date I feel"

This reminded us of our own censorship problems with instagram, as documented in Censorship and Racks and felt it worth highlighting in more detail. Upon further investigation, this is not an isolated incident for kate and other, even over the last few days:

@villoid had the exact same challenge and reposted an image and stated:
 "Our last post was deleted so we've covered the problem (nipples) with some cocktail emojis. Raise your glass then drink it for Kate Moss who turned 42 YESTERDAY."
villoid, went on to promote themselves and ended with a kate quote "Never complain, never explain" - KM" and the hashtag #freethenipple

As always, the comment section can offer moments of, if not clarity, at least interesting misspellings:
·  asliisen: Omg this cured all the world's problems god bless #nipples ugh they're disgusting

·  _mircea_masserini_: Why female nipple are banned but not male nipples? From the anatomical point of view they are she SAME thing! It's not a genital area!!! Instagram has a hypocritical and discriminatory policy.

·  s.kyli: @instagram ur sexist policy needs 2 go :)

·  kaydiprincipe: What's wrong with nipples @instagram

·  melissa_manchester: Ohmylord! 100% of us have nipples! #chandlerbing even has three. You need to get a grip @Instagram Don't kowtow to the nonsensicalness 

·  _heyungmoneycurious, what is the difference between a male nipple and a female nipple? not only are your rules sexist, but idiotic. Please get your shit together, thank you @instagram

·  graceelizabethward: You should copy and paste some acceptable male nipples over the top

·  heathermorneau: Ugh can't get over the fact that @Instagram still sexualizes female nipples yet not the male counterpart. So sexist. And the part that makes the least sense is how, since the only difference in appearance between them is the amount of fatty tissue beneath them, anything but that is being covered by these 'edits' we are forced to post in order to abide by the rules

Free the Nipple is an equality movement focused upon the double standards regarding the sexualization and censorship of female breasts started by activist and filmmaker Lina Esco. And yes, we do use the hashtag in our own posts to highlight the hypocrisy as it relates to the issue of double standards relative to male/female censorship.

However, as we worked through such social media policies again, it is evident that distinctions are not made based on the gender of the person in the photograph or even the inappropriateness of an image. A determination, and therefore censorship, is made based on a specific promotional hashtag.

It is evident that a great deal of images that most in society would deem more challenging that that of kate are free to stand in the public domain of social media ... i.e. you can post an image such as this:

or this:

then there would be nothing wrong ... however, if you added "#nipples" then your image is automatically problematic!
(thanks to @bigasscityz_  and @goregeous_sexy_dudes for their respective contributions to our analysis ... we are equal opportunity here at iskm and are happy to show the craziness and hypocrisy of all)

Such social media policies again raise questions of free speech, decency, censorship, image distribution and what is in fact appropriate?

So, you see, we should in fact be complaining about our right to freely hashtag as we wish! If you want to post the following pictures:

or this: 

then we should have every right to tag it with #nipples!!!
(thanks to @houseofhold and @diaryofamadschnauzer for their respective contributions. We don't breed discriminate either)

Maybe we should start our own movement "#freethehasthag"!?! Rather than delve more deeply into a topic that if it wasn't so sad would be hilarious, we will wrap things up turn back to the comment section in response to villoid's censored kate image ...

·  lstuhl: Ummmmm, but you explained and kinda complained. Not very Kate...

Yes, a moment of clarity ... ishotkatemoss, not very kate
Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit.

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