Saturday, October 31, 2015


It all started innocently enough, when we discovered this image of Diego Alberto Torres-Galvan, a.k.a. "Senor Dee Dee", two weeks before halloween ...
... then this image, with penmanship we greatly admired, by Keturah Shields:
We wondered, could we find - and post on instagram - a different kate moss inspired skull each day all the way through until Halloween? And here is what we came up with:
Found on Simply Sarie's blog ... we called this "The living dead"
"Mossy Moss" by Maxime Angel Starlin
A model issue, submitted recently to the collage by Leah West

Also found on Simply Sarie's blog ... definitely highlighting that smoking is not sexy
Batter Up: this illustration, submitted to the collage by Julien Lemoine, was posted in honor of the NY Mets World Series appearance
Masks: a brilliant piece piece from Andy Picci, a young dandy artist whose work we hope to highlight on the blog in the near future
"Death is life": from French artist SEEL, interviewed for Photographer Series #22, and who uses skulls in much of his work
Transparency: from Haneka Leigh, who has submitted numerous wonderful artworks to the collage
And then we were going to finish the series on a very disturbing note, when we found this image with the all-seeing, scary, overbearing kate, posted on instagram with skull emojis:
Daphne B. and her family
Trick or kate? Boo!

Observe. Slow Down. Shoot. Submit. Scream!

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